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Interesting essay on Heathens in Iceland, the US and Germany

15. August 2015 | Von | Kategorie: Articles in english, Szene

The article informs on the one hand what this „Ásatrú“-thing is at all about. On the other hand it shows what makes Germanic Paganism today – in Iceland, in the United States and in Germany – and how isolated racist, homophobic and nationalist heathens are in reality. „[…]In reaction to statements from the “crazies and […]

Some thoughts about Christian privilege

25. Oktober 2013 | Von | Kategorie: Articles in english, Das Odins Auge Projekt

Around Easter 2012, I was annoyed by a public debate about „silent holidays“. (In almost all German states, public dance parties are forbidden on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.) In my opinion, in a state that claims religious neutrality a holiday of a religious community, however big it may be, should not be a reason […]